Given the higher efficiency and simpler management of our new BNIX platform we can reduce our pricing for 10G and 100G ports. Set up fees, prices for private VLANs and remote peering with LU-CIX remain unchanged. Below you can find the new prices which will take effect on 1 January 2024.

Pricing public peering

For 10G and 100G ports it is possible not to enable the full capacity, the below table shows all available possibilities. For a bandwidth capacity upgrade or downgrade on an existing port we charge a capacity change fee of € 500.

Port size Bandwidth capacity Monthly rate
10G 2G € 220
10G 5G € 450
10G 10G € 650
100G 20G € 1.000
100G 50G € 2.000
100G 100G € 2.700

All prices are billed quarterly in EURO, excluding 21% VAT.


Volume pricing for full capacity ports

In addition to the standard price for a port, BNIX offers a degressive pricing when purchasing multiple full capacity ports. Each port will be billed at respective price level. E.g. in case of 3 ports of 10G, total price will be € 650+ € 450+ € 450.

Port size No. of ports Monthly rate
10G 1 € 650
10G 2 or more € 450
100G 1 € 2.700
100G 2 € 2.500
100G 3 € 2.300
100G 4 € 2.100
100G 5 € 1.900
100G 6 € 1.700
100G 7 € 1.500
100G 8 € 1.300
100G 9 € 1.100
100G 10 or more € 900

All prices are billed quarterly in EURO, excluding 21% VAT.


Port setup fee

When ordering 1 or more physical ports, a setup fee is charged per request. For 10G ports the setup fee is € 1.500; for 100G ports € 4.000. When ordering a combination of ports in 1 request, only the highest setup cost will be charged.

E.g. when ordering 3*10G at once, you'll pay a setup fee of € 1.500. When ordering in January 1*10G and in May 2*10G extra, you'll pay in January a setup fee of € 1.500 and in May a setup fee of € 1.500. When ordering in January 1*100G+2*10G, we'll charge only the highest setup cost, being € 4.000.

Private VLAN pricing

On existing ports we offer the possibility to set up private VLAN's between parties at a cost of € 200 per end point, excluding 21% VAT.

Pricing remote peering with LU-CIX

  Monthly rate Setup fee
Remote LU-CIX peering up to 2 Gbps € 50 € 250


Reseller pricing

If you want to resell BNIX services to one or more remote participants, you need to buy a reseller port next to a dedicated port for your own traffic. For reseller activities you can only buy full capacity ports of 10 Gbit/s or 100 Gbit/s, but these ports can be used in a hybrid setup: for reseller activities and own traffic. Next to the port fee, a setup fee is asked to add an additional participant, while the first participant is free of charge.

Port size

Monthly rate Port setup fee

Setup fee per remote participant

10G € 450 € 1.500 € 500
100G € 2.500 € 4.000 € 500

All prices are billed quarterly in EURO, excluding 21% VAT.

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