Managed by Belnet, BNIX is a non-profit organisation and only bills the cost price of its services. The connection costs are the same for our three BNIX Points of Presence.

Connections with the Unicast VLAN (IPv4/IPv6)


Monthly rate in EUR (VAT excluded)

One-time installation cost in EUR (VAT excluded)
1 Gbit/s 225 1.000
10 Gbit/s 675 1.500
100 Gbit/s 4.125 5.000
1 Gbit/s additional* 157,5 1.000
10 Gbit/s additional* 472,5 1.500
100 Gbit/s additional* 2.887,5 5.000

All prices are billed quarterly in euros, excluding 21% VAT.

* An additional port in the same data centre or another data centre. Multiple ports in etherchannel are considered a single logical port not as additional ports.

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