As a provider of news, video or music via the internet, you strive to offer your end users an optimal experience. Thanks to a connection to BNIX, you guarantee them the best quality and the highest speed.

BNIX provides LAN connections with a high capacity so you can easily send substantial data volumes to a large number of end users.

Moreover, your organisation can exchange direct IP traffic with multiple internet providers. If one of them struggles with a technical problem, data flows can be diverted without significant delays.

Netflix, Facebook and Microsoft are only a few of the companies that have been convinced BNIX's many advantages.

BNIX lowered its rates for connections starting at 1G and for all extra (back-up) ports on 1 January 2020. This makes it even more interesting to connect to BNIX or to upgrade.

"The key value in the eyes of Akamai is possibility to be close to the Belgian customers and provide them with the best quality of experience."

Niels Bakker - Senior Network Architect at Akamai

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