As a retailer, you want to offer your customers a consistently high-quality experience both in the shop and online. A connection to BNIX enables you to guarantee them an optimal connection to your e-commerce platform.

More and more consumers are making purchases over the internet. Online shopping and digital payments create an enormous quantity of data. By peering with local ISPs, you ensure that these data can be exchanged safely and quickly. Your customers will enjoy an optimal user experience when shopping online.

To guarantee continuity, the BNIX infrastructure is spread over three neutral data centres. If a problem arises in one location, communication is still possible via the other locations. In addition, your connection to the BNIX platform is monitored 24/7.

BNIX lowered its rates for connections starting at 1G and for all extra (back-up) ports on 1 January 2020. This makes it even more interesting to connect to BNIX or to upgrade.

“We see that one-third of our traffic runs over BNIX and there has been no single ‘outage’ to date. It’s a very reliable network.”

Wim Derijnck (Team Manager of the Network Solutions Team at Colruyt Group)

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