27 Jun. 2022

BNIX and LU-CIX join forces to optimise Internet traffic between Belgium and Luxembourg

The Belgian Internet eXchange node BNIX and its Luxembourg counterpart LU-CIX are going to interconnect in order to optimise the flow of Internet traffic between their two countries. In concrete terms, this means that BNIX participants and LU-CIX members, Internet access and/or content providers, will be able to directly and easily optimise the flow of Internet traffic for their professional and private customers on demand.
31 Jan. 2022

Internet traffic continued to increase in 2021: exchange point BNIX recorded new record peaks

The increase in Internet traffic in our country continued in 2021. This is according to figures from BNIX, the national Internet exchange point through which a large proportion of Belgian Internet traffic passes. Both average traffic and peaks were higher in 2021 than in 2020, which itself was an absolute record year. Currently, operator Belnet is completely revamping the BNIX platform, in part to be prepared for future data surges.
27 Oct. 2021

An update on the new BNIX infrastructure

In 2021 we’ve launched a project to replace the BNIX infrastructure. The motivation to do so was given by numerous factors. The first one is the obvious fact that hardware always reaches an end of life. But the opportunity was taken to do more than a simple copy paste with new switches. We wanted to have a flexible, scalable and easy to manage platform. On top of this an update of the services was necessary and this also resulted in the development of a new portal, based on IXP Manager.

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