As of 1 January 2022 BNIX offers a private VLAN service to its participants allowing them to access services such as IP transit, anti DDoS, directly from each other using the existing BNIX infrastructure.

In this context, BNIX and NaWas want to join forces by providing you access to a DDoS mitigation service over your existing BNIX port.

Learn more about how this works and what the benefits could be for your organisation. Register for this webinar which will take place April 21, from 14.00 to 15.00 CEST.

14:00 - 14:05: Welcome

Frédéric Libotte (Belnet)

14:05 - 14:15: BNIX private VLAN service: what benefits could it bring to you?

Stefan Gulinck (Belnet)

14:15 - 14:40: Use case NaWas

Frank Dupker (NaWas)

14:40 - 14:55: Q&A

Moderated by Stefan Gulinck and Frédéric Libotte

14:55 - 15:00: Next steps

Frédéric Libotte (Belnet)

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