Traffic evolution

Doubled in 5 years

This graphic shows that bnix traffic doubled in 5 years. from 55Giga bits per second in 2013 to 120 Giga bits per second in 2018


Traffic evolution 2017 vs 2018

This grapffic show a 14% traffic increase in 1 year




Data volume 2018

The Belgian Internet Exchange processed 473 040 000 Gb of data


Major upgrades

The increase of the totam volume was mainly caused by the major upgrades performed by internet service providers, hosting providers and content providers the last few years.

La plateforme BNIX

This infographic shows a drawing of a handshake with the number 62 above.

Active connections: Number and types

This graphic shows different connection types and numbers. there are nine 100 Gbit/s connections, forty-eight 10 Gbits/s connections, eleven 100 Mbits/s connections and twenty seven 1 Gbits/s connections.

This image shows a draw of a server with the number 3 above to illustrate that there are 3 data centers


Ths infographic show a man that runs. The capacity of the switches is 13.2 Terra byte per second. These are Four times powerful than the previous switches.

Pics et creux

Top months

This image show a calendar. January and November were the top months, with regular peaks up to 210 Gbit/s

Top days

This image show a watch to illustrate that most traffic was registered on tuesdays between 8.00 PM and 10.00 Pm

Low moments

This image shows a chair under the sun to illustrate, the low moments. On Saturdays and Sundays, traffic decreased. July was the least busy momth.

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