Your BNIX interconnection

As a reminder, an internet exchange point (IXP) operates based on the principle of interconnection and peering. As a BNIX (Belgian National Internet eXchange) Participant, you must have at least one active peering relationship. Participants that wish to set up peering between themselves subscribe to a bilateral peering contract, with no BNIX involvement.

Connections and data traffic

Direct connections between Participants are allowed, with no limits. In principle, the data traffic goes directly through these connections, but it can also transit via the BNIX.

Connection speeds

The BNIX offers you the following connection and ports to its switches:

  • 100 Mbit/s (UTP)
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet (SX ou LX)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet (LR ou ER)
  • 100 Gigabit Ethernet (LR)

Customised Ethernet, VLAN and IP

BNIX employees adapt your BNIX connection to your needs and give you advice to optimise your interconnection concerning:

  • the group of Ethernet connections (Etherchannel/PortChannel);
  • the choice between two VLANs: unicast and multicast;
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support.

BNIX services do not include VLAN installation for the private interconnection between Participants.

IPv4 and IPV6 Protocols

The BNIX works with the IPv4 Internet protocol and the IPv6 protocol. You can configure IPv6 in two ways:

  • by using a specific IPv6 port;
  • by configuring IPv4 and IPv6 on the same port (dual stacking) in the VLAN for unicast and/or multicast.

Unicast and Multicast

Unicast means a separate data transfer for each user. Multicast is a simultaneous transfer of information to several recipients. Each IP packet is sent once. It is only duplicated if it is really necessary to reach the final destination.

Multicast therefore alleviates the use of network capacity, which is especially important for applications requiring a wide bandwidth such as audio and video streaming in real time. Multicast requires additional protocols. You can request an Ethernet/FastEthernet multicast port on the BNIX multicast VLAN, at no additional cost. 


  • Service Desk and Network Operation Centre (NOC) 24/7.
  • Hardware support available 24/7 for BNIX switches
  • Technical advice

5 immediate benefits from joining BNIX

Increased reliability

Your organisation can exchange IP traffic with several Internet service providers. If there is a technical problem with one of them, you have alternatives. You can also negotiate conditions relating to a connection that will only serve as back-up.

Reduce transit costs

You improve the efficiency of your network by choosing a direct data exchange with BNIX Participants. You can agree that the direct exchange of data with other BNIX participants is free, and reduce your costs this way. Transit traffic to other networks is allowed.

Faster traffic

A direct connection reduces the number of intermediary stages (“hops”) on the route between two connected BNIX participants.

High transfer capacity

The BNIX provides high capacity LAN connections, which enables you to send large data volumes easily to a large number of end users.

Inexpensive connections

As BNIX services are based on LAN technology, the price of the bandwidth is low.

Do you want to join BNIX?


Managed by Belnet, BNIX is a non-profit organisation and only bills the cost price of its services. The connection costs are the same for our three BNIX points of presence. All the prices are billed in euros, excluding 21% VAT.

Connections with the Unicast VLAN (IPv4/IPv6)

Price overview (VAT excluded) :

Connection Annual Rate in EUR
(as from 01/01/2020)
One-time installation cost
in EUR
100 Mbit/s 1.000 500
1 Gbit/s 2.700 1.000
10 Gbit/s 8.100 1.500
100 Gbit/s 49.500 5.000
100 Mbit/s - additional* 1.000 500
1 Gbit/s - additional* 1.890 1.000
10 Gbit/s - additional* 5.670 1.500
100 Gbit/s - additional* 34.650 5.000

*  An additional port in the same data centre or another data centre. Multiple ports in etherchannel are considered a single logical port not as additional ports.



BNIX provides a platform on which operators, with which we have different interconnections, can immediately provide traffic in Belgium. This traffic is transported on the BNIX platform and does not have to go on our own network. 

In Belgium, the traffic volumes for peering are limited. With our connection to the BNIX, we have immediate access to most of the public IP traffic. For this reason, we have completely integrated BNIX in our IP traffic offering.

BNIX remains an essential part of our offering in Belgium. 

Testimonial author
Erik Loos
Testimonial function
Senior Product Manager Capacity & IP

The presence of BNIX provides very high level bandwidth for all interconnected providers. The network also enables a direct interaction with the other providers without us needing to go through inter-network transit

As a result, the speed is faster and the excellent redundancy increases the system’s reliability. The cherry on the cake is that the BNIX also reduces our costs.

Beyond the BNIX’s intrinsic quality, the services provided enable us to centralise our requests and to manage the platform as effectively as possible.

Testimonial author
Laurent Delbascour
Testimonial function
IP services manager / VOO

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