BNIX works on a non-profit basis and only charges cost price for its services. Connection charges are the same for our three physical BNIX locations. All rates are charged in euro excluding 21% VAT.


  • Connections with the unicast VLAN (IPv4/IPv6)
    Service Annual rate (NEW)
    100 Mbit/s     1.000 EUR
    1 Gigabit Ethernet  3.000 EUR
    10 Gigabit Ethernet 9.000 EUR
    100 Gigabit Ethernet 55.000 EUR

    You can download here the detailed rates

  • Combining different Ethernet connections: no additional cost
  • Set-up costs: from 500 EUR to 1.500 EUR euro per port (depending on the service)
  • Connections with the multicast VLAN (IPv4): no extra cost


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