Laurent Delbascour
(IP services manager / VOO)
Brutélé / VOO

“We have been a customer of BNIX for ten years. As such, I am fully convinced of the efficiency and the quality of the network. This connectivity gives a very high level of bandwidth for all the interconnected providers. Beyond that, the network enables direct interaction with the other providers without them being forced to pass through internetwork transit. The consequences: the speed is much higher and the excellent redundancy increases the reliability of the system. The cherry on top is that the BNIX also allows us to reduce costs...

Beyond the intrinsic quality of the BNIX, the services that BNIX provides enable us to centralise our requests and they manage the platform in the most efficient possible way. In ten years, we have not recorded any recognised incident... To my mind, they are handled well upstream to avoid any unpleasantness for us.”

Jan Torreele
(Directeur f.f. Belnet)

"A large part of our IP traffic is routed via BNIX, an average of 30% to 35%. Our own network performs better that way. Speed increases and good redundancy means improved reliability. The connection quality is better and, through peering agreements with specialist operators, we spread Internet connection costs."