Pierre-François Lareppe
"Thanks to BNIX, we have greater reliability and better control over routing."
Pierre-François Lareppe
Director of VERIXI sprl

Based in Louvain-la-Neuve, VERIXI is a telecom operator active in the Benelux. The company provides solutions for SMEs, large corporations, hosting providers, Web agencies and other telecommunications operators.

Why did you  choose the BNIX network?

Pierre-François Lareppe: In Belgium, the BNIX is a real institution. Most of our customers know this exchange point and many ask us if we are connected to it. While our participation in BNIX reassures our customers, it primarily enables us to offer a particularly reliable and efficient service.

What for you  are the advantages of BNIX?

P.-F. L.: Often, the path (route) between two Internet access  providers located in the same country can be long, go through 3 or 4 networks, and make a detour via Amsterdam, London or Paris. It is disad- vantageous for the  end-user who may, for example, feel their connection is slow or find it difficult to display a video without micro-interruptions. BNIX allows service providers in Belgium to shorten this path by establishing direct links between the participants. Belgium is also ideally located to attract participants from other European countries who seek  to  interconnect on the continent at a central point.

And from an economic point  of view?

P.-F.  L.:  By participating  in  BNIX  we avoid, wherever possible, making use of upstream  suppliers  for interconnection networks, which also reduces our costs. BNIX offers high capacity connections that  allow us to send  large volumes of data to a large number of end users inexpensively.

Points of BNIX to improve?

P.-F. L.:  One of the greatest strengths of BNIX is its impeccable reliability. It is a  solid platform that works to perfection. Currently, BNIX is available in 3 data centres in the vicinity of Brussels. An interesting development would be the deployment of other points of presence in other data centres around the country in order to offer this tool to a new market.