Scheduled power cuts: results of the impact analysis

Concerning possible electricity shortages this winter, we have obtained firm information about the effect of the power cuts plan, although it remains subject to change. We immediately analysed the potential impact of scheduled electricity interruptions resulting directly from the power cuts plan. If unforeseen situations arise, such as incidents caused by the power cuts plan, we have a ready-to-go contingency plan.

Impact on Belnet

Our analysis revealed that the Belnet offices are not located in an affected zone. The power cuts plan will not be put into effect here so we can remain operational.

BNIX platform

We also examined which BNIX locations are situated in an affected zone. Our three principal data centres (Level3, InterXion and LCL) are not situated in an affected zone. So there is unlikely to be any impact on the BNIX platform and related services.

Suppliers and partners

We have been in touch with our partners, suppliers and government authorities. An initial enquiry among suppliers of hardware and lines revealed that they do not expect any impact.

Further action

We are keeping a sharp watch on the situation from day-to-day. We will keep you informed of the potential impact of the power cuts plan.

Useful tip

Participants using a telco to connect to the BNIX platform should contact their provider in order to make sure their equipment is connected to a no-break system. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the BNIX Service Desk:
Telephone: 02 790 33 01