Heart of the Belgian Internet celebrates 20th anniversary

Heart of the Belgian Internet celebrates 20th anniversary

BNIX renovates platform in 2016 for faster data exchange

Brussels, 17 September 2015 - This year, BNIX (Belgian National Internet eXchange) celebrates its 20th anniversary. Internet traffic continues to increase, so BNIX is renovating its platform in 2016. BNIX is run by Belnet, the Belgian national research network.

Although the platform is not well-known to the general public, BNIX plays an important role with respect to the Belgian internet. Specifically, BNIX is improving the speed and quality of internet traffic between the Belgian networks of large internet service providers (such as Telenet, Proximus and Belnet) and content providers (such as LeaseWeb and VRT). In concrete terms, this means that BNIX will enable end users to exchange internet traffic more quickly and efficiently with the customers of other providers. There are many hosting companies and large companies that are also connected to the BNIX platform.

“Since its establishment in 1995, BNIX has become a major player in the Belgian internet market by distinguishing itself through performance and stability. The platform grows year after year with respect to number of participants and internet traffic”, said Jan Torreele, Belnet director.

Some highlights of the twenty-year history of the Belgian Internet exchange:

  • BNIX participants grew from six participants in 1995 to 57 in 2015.
  • The platform proves itself extremely reliable and stable throughout the years.
  • In 2001, BNIX became a co-founder of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX).
  • In 2014, the peak of 100 Gigabits per second of traffic was reached during the elections and the World Cup.

100G connections in the future

BNIX is renovating its platform in response to increasing internet traffic that has arisen due to the arrival of the mobile internet, cloud apps, etc. The migration is planned for the first quarter of 2016.

Thanks to the new platform, affiliated organisations will enjoy higher capacity, reduced power consumption and more connectivity options. This means that in the future, 100G connections will be possible.

BNIX Networking Event

The 20th anniversary of BNIX will be celebrated on 24 September 2015 during the sixth BNIX Networking Event. The event is a unique networking opportunity for current and future participants and partners.

More information is available at: http://bnix.net/en/content/events/bnix-networking-event-2015-0




About BNIX:

BNIX (Belgian National Internet eXchange) is the heart of the Belgian internet. The high-performance BNIX network is used by Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet content providers and large private companies to exchange IP traffic in Belgium. The platform supports both IPv4 and IPv6 (the latest evolution of the IP protocol) and is suitable for specific applications such as multicast. BNIX also promotes more innovative and future-oriented internet technology in Belgium. Starting in 1995, the BNIX network has been run by Belnet, the Belgian national research network. Currently, BNIX has more than 50 participants. More information is available at: www.bnix.net

About Belnet:

Belnet is the federal government agency that is responsible since 1993 for the Belgian national research network. It provides internet access to very high bandwidth and internet services to Belgian universities, colleges, research centres and government agencies. Belnet has over 60 employees and is part of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. It provides its services exclusively to some 200 institutions representing more than 700,000 end users. Thanks to its acquired expertise, its unique market position and scale advantages, Belnet will help accelerate the growth of the knowledge and information society in Belgium. Belnet is also responsible for BNIX, the Belgian internet exchange, and CERT.be, the federal cyber emergency team. More information is available at: www.belnet.be