Belgian national internet eXchange BNIX lowers its rates

Brussels, 9 June 2011 – BNIX, the Belgian National Internet eXchange, is lowering its rates for new and existing participants. As of the first of June 2011, rates for new participants are reduced and on 1 January 2012, the rates for existing participants will also be reduced.

The BNIX internet eXchange is the platform where internet suppliers (such as Belgacom and Telenet), content providers, hosting companies and large companies such as the VRT and Dexia can exchange internet traffic within Belgium. Affiliated companies can download and upload e-mails, video images and other mutual internet traffic more speedily via the internet exchange.

The reduction in price makes it easier to gain access to the BNIX network. Companies and organisations with a lower connection capacity - 100 Mbit/s for instance – are also able to enjoy the advantages that the Belgian Internet Exchange offers. By reducing its rates, it becomes that much more interesting for existing participants to increase capacity on their connection.

"Compared to other internet exchanges in Europe, our rates were already aligned with the average. But we want to encourage the use of BNIX even more, so we decided to lower our rates further," states Pierre Bruyère, director of Belnet. "Our aim is to have around 80 participants within two years."

BNIX currently has 45 participants. In July 2010, the BNIX network was significantly upgraded (four times more capacity and five times faster than before), making it perfectly poised for the future.