Bnix improves IP traffic between organisations and companies in different ways.

  • Improved operational reliability

Your organisation can communicate via several Internet providers. If there is a technical problem with one provider, your organisation always has other alternatives. You may want to negotiate terms for a connection that you only want to use as back-up.

  • Reduced transit costs

You improve the efficiency of your network by switching to direct data exchange with Bnix participants. You can arrange free direct data exchange with other Bnix participants, thus reducing costs. Transit traffic to other networks is also allowed.

  • Faster traffic

A direct connection means fewer intermediate steps (also known as hops) on the route between two Bnix participants.

  • High transit capacity

Bnix offers you high-capacity LAN connections, so that you can easily send large data volumes to a large number of end users.

  • Low-price

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