How does BNIX operate?

Through peering, BNIX participants can exchange IP traffic with one another.

Peering in five steps

1) All BNIX switches share the same VLAN, which makes peering possible.

2) Each participant gets an IP address from BNIX to use for peering.

3) Participants reach their own peering agreements with one another.

4) Once participants have agreed to peer, peering sessions can be set up via BGP (Border Gateway Protocol).

5) Network traffic is exchanged.

Your connection is established in three BNIX data centres: Interxion in Zaventem, Level3 in Evere and LCL in Diegem.

New platform

In June 2016, BNIX migrated to a totally new platform with:

  • High speed
  • Full redundancy
  • High port density
  • Stability
  • 4 times more powerful than the previous one
  • Ecological and energy efficiency


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