BNIX was set up by Belnet, the Belgian national research network. Belnet is a governmental organisation which offers extremely high bandwidth Internet access as well as a number of other services to research centres, educational institutions and government services. Belnet was selected because it is one of Belgium's Internet pioneers, it is a neutral provider and has the required in-house expertise. The organisation is responsible for managing BNIX and the BNIX Points of Presence (PoPs) from within its own offices.



BNIX broadened its physical infrastructure with two separate locations:

Because the physical infrastructure is split between two locations (redundancy), technical incidents remain limited.

Along with the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX), BNIX aims for cooperation and information exchange between European Internet eXchanges.



Belnet decided to close the PoPs in their own offices and to outsource them to the specialist Level3 and Interxion data centres.



LCL in Diegem becomes BNIX's third geographical location in the organisation's fifteenth year. New switching equipment and increased capacity are now on stream.

Organisation of the first (yearly) BNIX Networking Event.



Launch of a new service, the route server, in order to facilitate the management of peering sessions.



First BNIX Satisfaction Survey



BNIX lowers its rates by 30%!

The Belgian Internet Exchange celebrates its 20 years: organisation of the sixth BNIX Networking Event.

BNIX currently has more than 50 participants.


BNIX Networking Event 2019: the registrations are open!
21 Aug 2019
Belnet /BNIX is moving to the WTC III building
11 Mar 2019
Traffic on Belgian Internet Exchange BNIX grew by 14 percent in 2018
18 Jan 2019